Studio Little Red

Studio Little Red was founded in 2020 by Kate Lawler-Dean as an art consultancy and interior curation studio focused on collaborations with artists, makers, designers and craftspeople. Gallery Little Red launched as an online gallery offering a curated collection of art, objects and furniture. The Gallery features over 30 artists across many multi-dimensional mediums including furniture, fibre arts, glass and jewellery. 80% of artists are female identifying, 25% are BIPOC/LGBTQ2S+ and 95% are Canadian. In person showings include a Gallery Box on Toronto Island, pop-up spaces and exhibitions are also presented a couple of times per year.

Berkley J Abrams PageBarrier - Off Days seriesArchival Pigment Print8” x 12” Ed of 1514" x 21" Ed of 10
Silvia TaylorOgee PolysemyBlown glass, aluminum, bronze and brassVarious dimensions

Susan Warner Keene

Life Study #6 - Folio series

Handmade flax paper, flax fibre, linen cord, pigments and dye

11.5” x 18” x 2”

Adrienna Matzeg

Destination Series - Cotton and linen, 12.5" x 12.5” x 1.25”


Dennis Lin

Mobile - Ash laminated veneer, polyester thread, 34” x 48”

Athena Sarracini

Tree Vases

Stoneware, water tight

Various dimensions

Life Source Group Exhibition

Riviera Gallery, Ward's Island

September 2022

Pasha Moezzi


Hand formed jewellery cuffs, carved brass, sterling or combination

Various dimensions

Pooja Pawaskar

Liv Bud Vase

Ikebana-style bud vase

Splated sycamore with handcarved edges finished with gold leaf

8” diameter x 4” overall depth

Laura ShepherdBoardwalk in Snow IIIArchival Pigment Print5” x 5” Ed of 2510" x 10" Ed of 1020" x 20" Ed of 5