Carol Bigwood

Carol Bigwood has enjoyed being with, thinking about, and making art since she was a child. She has taught the Philosophy of Art at York University, Queen’s University, and University of Toronto. She wrote a book called Earth Muse: Feminism, Nature, and Art (New York: Temple University Press, 1993) and sketched the artworks on which she was meditating. In her visual art making, she has worked mostly in oils and clay and had a few shows at the Island Rectory Cafe. Over the years, she has enjoyed the opportunity of Rogue Wave to make installations.

Carol BigwoodIn the Temple2006oil on canvas6”x 6”
Carol BigwoodHanging Out2007oil on canvas6”x 8
Carol BigwoodCormorant View2007acrylic on canvas28’ x 4’
Carol BigwoodMeditation2010clay with wax patina14” x 12” x 8”
Carol BigwoodFrom the Sea2012clay with wax patina15” x 9" x 7”
Carol BigwoodTo the Water in the Dark2014clay with wax patina
15” x 11” x 12”