Lori Dell

Lori Dell is a visual artist who is best known for her emotionally charged view of traditional subject matter; fresh approaches to textural mixed media works, architectural paintings, and portraiture. Dell produces large concept works with skillful execution of color and material often described as bold, spiritual, and meditative. With an artistic career spanning decades, her work can be found in private and public collections internationally.

Lori DellPalomino2017Oil on canvas36"w x 48"h
Lori DellNathan2018Oil on canvas50" w x 50"h
Lori DellRosary2018Oil on canvas48"w x 60"h
Lori DellSite #23, 2019Mixed media on canvas, 2 panels 48"w x 48"h
Lori DellFreeland Street2019Oil on canvas36"w x 48"h
Lori DellCrosswalk2019Mixed media on canvas, 2 panels 48"w x 60"h
Lori DellHavasu2021acrylic on canvas42"w x 42"h
Lori DellKalonga2021Acrylic on canvas40"w x 30"h
Lori DellCanyon Flowers2021acrylic on canvas40"w x 30"h