Alastair Dickson

For over 20 years, Alastair Dickson has worked out of Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island. Alastair’s studio there contains an extensive collection of what is commonly called ‘junk’: broken toys, contents of childhood treasure boxes, strange seed pods, champagne corks, wood scraps, all with the potential to become transformed. Every new project is undertaken with a sense of playful challenge: to incorporate these dissonant forms into sculptural compositions that hold both the eye and the mind.

Alastair DicksonWillkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! 2022 Mixed media assemblage 10" x 12" x 3"
Alastair DicksonCall me Rusty 2022 Mixed media assemblage 13.5" x 8" x 8"
Alastair DicksonUntitled 2022 Mixed media assemblage 18” x 12” x 5”