Laura Shepherd

Laura Shepherd has a solo show at coming up at The Riviera Gallery on Ward's Island this October called The Road Home which is a collection of covid era work.  Please come to the opening WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5th, from 7 - 9 PM, At the Riviera Gallery.  The show runs until Sunday October 30th. Please contact me for more info. 

Laura ShepherdEvening Snow, 2020 Scratchboard4" x 4"
Laura ShepherdAlong the Boardwalk, 2019 Scratchboard4" x 4"
Laura ShepherdOdd Snow, 2020 Scratchboard4" x 4"
Laura ShepherdBoardwalk in Snow, 2020 Scratchboard4" x 4"
Laura ShepherdNight Walk, 2019 Scratchboard8" x 8"
Laura ShepherdInto the Fog, 2022 Scratchboard4" x 4"
Laura ShepherdMist, 2020 Scratchboard4" x 4"
Laura ShepherdWheat and Sky, 2022 Scratchboard8" x 8"
Laura ShepherdThe Road Home, 2022 Scratchboard4" x 4"